Improve Your ROI Through Effective PPC

Improve Your ROI Through Effective PPC

PPC or pay per click advertising is one o the best ways you have more revenue for your company. Even though most people believe that you need to have a high budget to see a good ROI from PPC, the truth is that you really don’t. As long as you implement some strategies, you can definitely improve your ROI with this high-yield and low-cost marketing strategy.

One of the best things about PPC is that it can suit both well-established businesses and startups. And this is what makes this paid traffic strategy one of the best if you know how to implement it.

Here are some ideas that will allow you to improve the ROI from your pay per click campaigns:

#1: Use Ad Extensions

Although you probably never heard about ad extensions, you probably already saw them. Simply put, ad extensions are additions that you make to your PPC ads that will show something more besides the text. These can include call buttons for mobile users, your location, among others.

The truth is that because they are just starting to appear, your PPC ads will definitely stand out among the others which will help you get either more paid traffic and/or increased leads.

#2: Time-Sensitive Ads

Just like when you are trying to sell a product on your website you need to have a time-sensitive call to action to make sure that the visitors that you have who are interested immediately buy your product, the same happens with your PPC ads.

The main idea is that you take advantage of the time at which your target audience is online. Since almost all industries usually have a peak hour during the day, you just need to discover it and only display your pay per click ads during that time. This will allow you to improve your ROI.

#3: Track Your PPC Ads And Adjust

We tend to hear a lot of people complaining that they pay per click ads don’t provide them any return. They only lost the time creating the ads and the money to display them. However, one of the most important things that any PPC campaign needs is regular tracking. You won’t ever know what ads are working, at what times, how many clicks, leads, or sales you’re making f you don’t keep track of them.

When you have a low CTR ad, for example, you can try to improve it using a different text or adding an ad extension. And when you have a lot of clicks on your ad but you don’t see increased leads this means that you need to change your landing page. Try altering the headline, adding a video, display more or less information, among others.

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